Hope in Vastitude

In 4 days it will be one year since I was given my equivocal result and my life changed forever.

What a year it has been!

From the time I was diagnosed I knew I wanted to provide some kind of support for people newly diagnosed with this disease as well as their friends and families.

I hope that sharing my experiences, research and opinions with people will provide some  sort of assistance and support in their own journeys.

Why Hope In Vastitude?

From my own experience following my diagnosis I had feelings of fear, solitude and helplessness. All of these feelings are completely normal and it takes time, personal growth, and support to understand or accept these feelings.

Hope represents these feelings, and it is my hope that through this blog I can provide some answers or at least steer people in the right direction to finding these answers.

Vastitude represents the enormity of this disease, the expanse of the unknown, and the enormous amount of support available, should you know where to find it.

So stay tuned to this blog, add it to your favourites.


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